If Hygge Were a Sweater…

I’m positive I’ll feel differently at the tail-end of this season, but I have been so enjoying the dipping temperatures here in New England.  The bite in the air is starting to keep us indoors more often than not, which can only mean one thing…hygge season is officially here.

I was first introduced to the concept of hygge by a dear friend (hey Liz!!!), a little over a year ago, and I fell completely in love with the concept.  In a nutshell, hygge is the Danish art of happiness that centers around enjoying simple, charming, and cozy pleasures.  Think lots of tea, books, blankets, candles, home-made meals enjoyed at home with friends and family, and, of course, comfortable clothes. 

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Vintage Fashion: 3 Reasons to Hit Up Your Local Thrift Shop

I must confess, I haven’t always loved to shop for clothes.  I have vivid memories of preteen me BEGGING my mother not to make me go back-to-school shopping at Marshall’s because I loathed it so much (and I knew she’d spend two hours in the pocketbook section alone).  She would drag me along anyway and as a result I’d rebel -of course- with my “fashion” choices.  One particularly awful red shirt with mesh sleeves comes to mind, but we’ll leave that image with 8th grade Ashley where it belongs.

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More Than Metal and Stone: My Five Favorite Pieces of Jewelry

Tim and I are moving to a new apartment soon, giving me the perfect opportunity to scratch the declutter itch I’ve been feeling for awhile now.  I’ve been working through our rooms, sorting possessions into piles; keep, toss, and donate.  I’d made it through my kitchen, my knick knacks, and my closet at record speed (for me) but when it came time to clean out my jewelry box, I paused. 

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Pineapple Prints

A few weeks ago, I had a really great shopping day.  You know the kind- you walk into a store (in my case, Marshall’s, T.J. Maxx or Target…let’s be real) and love everything you see.  The pieces you choose to try on fit you just right, and the most expensive item you found is $25, which means that of course you can buy all the fabulous things that look great on you.  This amazing little pineapple dress just so happened to be one of my fabulous things, and I’ve easily worn it upwards of five times since I brought it home.

Dress: Marshall’s; Bag: Target, Sandals: Old Navy

Where do I begin? I just love every single detail of this dress.  The off-shoulder ruffle, the soft denim fabric, and the light-hearted pineapple print make this piece a go-to for pretty much any summer scenario you might find yourself in, from a beach day to a dinner date.  So far I’ve styled it on the casual side paired with simple sandals, a neutral bag, and my usual silver bangles and rings.  This dress could easily be dressed up with wedges or heels and some statement earrings.  Either way, it’s seriously the best, and has quickly become my summer uniform.


Have you discovered any really great pieces lately? What’s your summer uniform? I’d love to hear!


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