More Than Metal and Stone: My Five Favorite Pieces of Jewelry

Tim and I are moving to a new apartment soon, giving me the perfect opportunity to scratch the declutter itch I’ve been feeling for awhile now.  I’ve been working through our rooms, sorting possessions into piles; keep, toss, and donate.  I’d made it through my kitchen, my knick knacks, and my closet at record speed (for me) but when it came time to clean out my jewelry box, I paused. 

As I rummaged through the box, I found myself stopping to ponder over each ring, pendant, and bracelet.  Jewelry is so much more than metal and stone.  Each bauble we wear carries the weight of a story behind how it became ours.  As I sorted through my own collection, I waded into memories of how each piece found me.  Needless to say, it was a touch more difficult to decide which to keep, giveaway, or toss in this phase of the purge. 

While I hesitated over which pile to place a ring or necklace into many times, five standout pieces gave me no pause at all.  These pieces of jewelry are essential elements to my personal style, and I love thinking about the stories they hold every time I wear them.

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry? What’s the story behind it? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Crystal Ring

This ring was a gift from Tim for our first Christmas together nearly five (!) years ago.  While he’s only sharpened his knack of choosing pieces that I never would have chosen but absolutely love since then, this one will always be my favorite.  I’ve never seen anyone wear anything like it, and I love the unique edge the bold crystals lend to my outfit each time I wear it, which is honestly most days.  It also makes me think fondly of those sweet early days in our relationship, as well as all the adventures we’ve been on together since I first wore it. 

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2) Bee Coin Necklace

Last November, I took a trip to Brooklyn along with several women in my family to visit a cousin for the weekend.  While wandering together through a flea market, a glimmer caught my eye and drew me towards one of the crowded stalls.  This bee coin necklace immediately stood out to me, and I knew I had to buy it.  I love the dash of gold it adds to my otherwise tried-and-true silver collection, and its length is perfect for layering and mixing it with other necklaces.  I’ll be wearing this for a long time, and I’ll think of that day in Brooklyn every time I put it on.

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3) My Grandmother’s Charm Bracelet

I can still remember sneaking open the lid of my mother’s jewelry box to catch a glimpse of this treasure as a child.  This charm bracelet belonged to her mother before her, and carries tokens that represent everything she loved most.  I never got the chance to know my grandmother, but wearing a bracelet that once belonged to her makes me feel connected to her somehow.  From what I’ve heard of her, she was a feisty and vivacious woman; I like to think that I embody some of that energy whenever I wear her bracelet.

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4) Silver Knuckle Ring

During my junior year in college, I studied abroad in London for a semester.  My program included a part-time internship at a retail jewelry magazine and I quickly learned that I was NOT cut out for that industry.  I would spend my lunch breaks wandering the neighborhoods surrounding our office building, mostly to escape my Miranda Priestly-esque boss for a few precious minutes.  I stumbled across this ring in a little vintage shop during one of those lunch break walks and was immediately drawn to it.  I liked it’s roughness and imperfection, and I often wear it when I want to add a little pop of boldness to an outfit. 

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5) My Grandmother’s Diamond Pendant

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In addition to the charm bracelet, I was lucky enough to inherit this diamond from my grandmother.  My mother had the stone, taken from my grandmother’s wedding band, set into this simple silver pendant for me to wear as a necklace.  I’ll never forget the morning she gave it to me, right before we left the house for my high school graduation.  I love the simplicity about this pendant; it pairs well with everything in my closet.  This piece is beyond special for me, and I’ll keep it forever…until it’s my turn to pass it down.

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