Watermelon Kombucha Margaritas

It’s hard to say how long exactly my love affair with kombucha*, a type of fermented sweet tea, has been going on.  It IS safe to say that we’ve been hot and heavy for awhile now, and treating myself to one during my weekly grocery shopping trip has become a ritual of mine.  While I have my tried and true flavors I like to stick too (hello GT’s  Cosmic Cranberry and KeVita’s Lavender Melon!), I essentially flipped out when I found the Synergy’s new Watermelon Wonder Kombucha flavor at Trader Joe’s.

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Watermelon Wonder is crazy perfect for a hot summer day; it’s light, refreshing, and just sweet enough without being too sugary.  Feeling inspired by the heat wave we’ve been having here in New England and the 4th of July, I decided to try and use this kombucha as the base for a margarita.  I have to admit, it took several tries (just ask poor T!), but I think I’ve finally nailed it.  It’s beautiful red color makes this margarita a great drink to serve at a 4th of July party but trust me, you’ll appreciate it all summer long. Without further ado, here she is…the Watermelon Kombucha Margarita.

While I eyeballed these pours to make my test drinks, I’ve given approximate measurements below.


-Roughly 1 cup diced watermelon, juiced

-2 oz. GT’s Synergy Watermelon Wonder kombucha (or any watermelon kombucha you find!)

-1.5 oz white tequila (I used this one)

-1 oz triple sec

salt or sugar, optional

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Method (makes 1 cocktail):

1) In a blender, blend the watermelon chunks until liquidy.  To separate the juice from the pureed meat, pour blended watermelon over a piece of cheesecloth into a glass.  Coffee filters or paper towels can replace cheesecloth in a pinch!

2) In a separate glass, pour your Watermelon Kombucha over ice.

3) Add your tequila and triple sec and gently stir as to not make the kombuca too fizzy.

4) Top off with a splash (up to 1 oz) of the fresh watermelon juice, and you’re done!

This margarita would be delicious with a sugar rim, or even a squeeze of lemon or lime if you’re feeling crazy!  Let me know in the comments below what you think!

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